Raindance Film Festival Logo

Raindance is partnering with Greenlit on a new crowdfunding initiative. The aim is simple: to provide FREE TICKETS to festival films from strands including Politco, Queer, and Female Gaze. You can learn more and support the initiative here.

Free tickets will be provided to people from marginalized communities such as young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, BIPOC communities, refugees, and the socially isolated. Tickets will be allocated with the input of partner organizations and charities including Total Arts, The Cares Family and Micro Rainbow.

By donating the cost of just one ticket you could help to inspire a young trans activist, give a disillusioned refugee a new sense of purpose, energise a campaigner on disability rights, or bring a sense of community to someone who feels lonely and isolated.

Independent film is a powerful medium - so help Raindance utilise film to motivate, edify and inspire others. Support today