Another Day

Three Drama school graduates (from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) have made a film that they are entering into festivals.

The film has already won 12 awards, nominated for one award, been the finalist at 2 festivals and selected into 10 other festivals across 3 continents.

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    Another Day

    Seeking funding for
    Distribution & exhibition
    Campaign type
    Flexible Funding


    The three initial creators of the film recently graduated with distinctions in their Masters in Screen Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

    We are campaigning to raise money for our short film, Another Day, to be seen at film festivals, to pay off our costs of making the film and hopefully to distribute any leftover funds between the team.


    What We Need & What You Get

    What We Need

    • Our overall target is £2,000
    • £1,400 would cover our festival budget
    • Another £600 would go into new projects and be shared among the team
    • Any excess proceeds will be distributed amongst the team.


    Any donation we will update you on how the film does at festivals and we will thank you on one of our social media accounts, unless you request privacy. 

    • £7.50 donation - High res digital poster.
    • £15 donation – Ticket to one of our virtual screenings. 10-17 May & 7-14 June. Plus lower rewards.
    • £35 donation - printed large poster (will find dimensions). Plus all lower rewards.
    • £80 donation – 2x free tickets to our next festival that offers tickets. Plus all lower rewards.
    • £100 and above donation - We will send you a Blu-ray disk of the film. Plus all lower rewards.
    • £150 donation – Associate producer credit on IMDb. Plus all lower rewards.
    • £300 donation – Executive producer credit on IMDb. Plus all donations from £100 and lower.
    • £450 donation – Executive producer credit on final cut credits of the film, plus on IMDb. Plus all donations from £100 and lower.

    The Team

    • We received glowing feedback when we submitted an early draft of the film for our course. It received the equivalent of a high first and we know that for many festivals (with  a student section in particular) we have a fighting chance to be selected.
    • Gareth Nunns, Assistant Camera/ Grip/ On set Photographer/ Poster & Trailer editor: Graduated with first class honours in computer sciences from Loughborough before working as a freelance events technician and developer around the country for a range of events from music videos, corporate events, public displays and ceremonies to TV shows like ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’
    • Michael Smith, Sound/ Composer: Graduated with first class honours in music production from Leeds Conservatoire. He is the co-founder of music production company Smitten Fox, where he has written an extensive list of shows alongside his creative partner, Cameron Fox.
    • Alba, Director of Photography: Graduated with first class honours in Graphic design from Chelsea College of Art. Alba was awarded the internationally prestigious 'Pencil' award for her “D&AD new bloody” brief for Adidas whilst at Chelsea.
    • Gráinne, Producer/ Writer/ Lead: Not long after graduating from the Gaiety School of Acting, Gráinne won an award for her performance for a Focus Ireland produced short film at the LA Film Festival. Gráinne was then cast as Sive in 'Sive' at the Druid Theatre, which received much critical acclaim. Following that, Gráinne played Lydia in 'The Other Lamb', which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, before starting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where she graduated her masters in acting for screen with a distinction.
    • Alan, Producer/ Writer/ Lead: Had his first recurring role on a TV series as Miguel on 'The Londoners', a Polish soap opera on TVP 1. He played ‘Rico’, a lead on 'Sadie J', a  CBBC show. Having graduated from King's College London he has since finished his Masters in Acting for Screen at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a distinction.
    • Daniel, Director: Having graduated from the Stockholm Elementary Theatre School,  Daniel had roles in several Swedish short films and television series' before moving to London and starting his Masters at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he graduated with a distinction. Being a lifelong film fanatic, he couldn't wait to finally direct his very own debut short film.

    Risks & Challenges

    • A large risk is that the average festival acceptance rate is 13%. The chances of getting selected into the most prestigious festivals are even lower. For instance less than 2% of films submitted to the Sundance Film Festival got selected in 2020.
    • We aim to tackle this by predominantly entering festivals in their student section. We really want to enter as many as possible in our first (and possibly only!) year applying to festivals, as students. So we want to make the most of it while we still can!


    The Impact

    • Some of us have already been discussing ideas for shorts to make in 2021, so the success of this film could really have a bearing on how we approach the festival circuit next year. 
    • If we can afford to submit to all the potential festivals on our list, we would increase our chances of exposure, critical recognition and potentially awards which would heavily improve our chances of creating more future projects.
    • Our industry is all about building your name and you don't earn a name for yourself without a portfolio of good quality work. You don't create that portfolio without momentum to keep making and you don't start that momentum without the first good quality project. We have that here. We just need it to be seen by the right people. To start that momentum. To develop our portfolio and to create names for ourselves.


    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you aren't able to donate then there are other ways you can help:

    • Spread the word! Maybe someone you know could help us and donate.
    • Like and follow our pages on social media.
    • Use the Greenlit share tools! 


    Please share our campaign and make it known. We'd really appreciate it.

    raised of £1,500.00 goal
    29 Backers
    Virtual Poster

    Well send you a virtual high definition poster

    Virtual screening

    We will send you the link to watch the film for a limited amount of time in May and June. Dates to be announced!


    Printed large poster: 508x762 mm. Plus previous rewards.

    Festival tickets

    2 tickets to the next festival we enter that sells tickets. Plus all previous rewards.

    Blu-ray disk

    Blu-ray disk of the film. Plus all previous rewards. [To be sent after fundraising campaign has ended]

    Associate Producer Credit

    Associate producer credit on IMDb. Plus all previous rewards.

    Executive Producer (IMDb)

    Executive producer credit on IMDb. Plus all rewards from £100 and lower.

    Executive Producer (End Credits)

    You will not only be named as executive producer on IMDb, we will also make a final cut of the film and include your name in end the credits as executive producer. Plus all rewards £100 and lower.