Blueprints is a digital immersive journey that uses an online platform to introduce it’s intriguing, surreal world. Prepare to explore an online hybrid of immersive theatre and a choose your own adventure game. Audience will click through a derelict house and thorough each choice, the audience will alter the heroine’s narrative, exploring how key moments with our mothers shape us.

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Experimental & art
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What is Blueprints?


Blueprints is a digital immersive journey that uses an online platform to introduce it’s intriguing, surreal world. Prepare to explore an online hybrid of immersive theatre and a choose your own adventure game. Audience will click through a derelict house, uncovering artwork, stories and more to explore how we become the people we will be. Through each choice, the audience will alter the heroine’s narrative, exploring how key moments with our mothers shape us.


Each human experience is individual. Class, culture, tradition and heritage have a big impact on who we are. Our female identifying and ethnically diverse cast share their unique stories and take you with them on a journey, exploring common narratives through performance.


Blueprints is presented to our audience like a game, the choices made, shape the discourse and outcomes, challenging their audience’s concept of self.


This is the first digital production from feminist theatre company, Lobster Frock. Passionate about championing and amplifying underrepresented female narratives, Blueprints will explore growing up and identity in a unique and exciting way.


The crowdfunder encourages our audience to support us by buying pre-sale tickets for Blueprints. In order to receive Arts Council England funding, we must achieve a percentage of our production budget through match funding. This crowdfunder allows us to do that! We will run for 8 weeks on an all or nothing agreement to achieve this.


Teaser Trailer 

With special thanks to ztitchez for the Drone sci-fi sound @ used in the trailer.

Concept Art Gallery


Creative Team


Kirsty Blewett is the Artistic Director of Lobster Frock. She is also a Theatre-Maker, Actor-Deviser, and Puppeteer, Kirsty was also an Associate Artist in Residence at Stanley Halls South East London. After Graduating in European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College, she has since performed nationally, specialising in immersive and devised productions with Dank Parish, The Lab Collective and Secret Cinema.

As a director and practitioner, she has facilitated workshops for young people and adults, both independently and with other artists or theatre companies and organisations across the UK such as Arts Depot and NCS: The Challenge. With Peer Productions, she has just finished directing a Prospero.Digital based production, Mind Games, with their apprentice actors. Plus, Kirsty currently works as a Lead Drama Facilitator at Bruford Youth Theatre and has been awarded a place on the renowned BUZZ Leaders Labs in Dublin to work with other esteemed Youth Theatre Leaders to develop an International Project for her young people. She also writes for LGBTQ+ Arts.

Theatre is her life. But, when COVID 19 hit she had to reimagine what theatre could be. How do you make the digital feel live? So, Blueprints was born. Kirsty came across an online platform normally used for online workshop facilitation and saw the possibility to use it in a new way. Prospero could be used to create a choose your own adventure style, digital theatre piece. During her r and d investigating female lineage, Kirsty was inspired to explore how we grow into ourselves... but as women.  Kirsty wanted to experience the viewpoint and possibility of different heroines in a COVID-safe, but innovative way. She has often found that film, tv and theatre rarely focus on the female coming of age story and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. She wanted to share real female stories with a surrealist, physical approach. Particularly underrepresented female voices. Kirsty wanted to empower audience to explore growing up in another woman’s shoes in a unique yet impactful way. Blueprints is being created to celebrate these stories theatrically, providing a space for introspection and education through intrigue and discovery. This is a place without fear or judgement, but offers a sensory experience, stunning visuals and haunting sound design. What better way to explore one’s identity than through the medium of surrealist theatre?



Sarah Morris is an award winning producer, creative practitioner, and new mother, who specialises in creating site specific, interactive, and immersive theatre and events. As a Cultural Studies & Sociology Graduate her work is often inspired by popular culture, with a background in feminist work and writing she tries to promote inclusivity in the industry.

Sarah co-founded one of the UK's longest-running immerse companies, Apocalypse Events which specialise in horror and storytelling and has since produced for a number of London’s leading immersive theatre companies including Colab Theatre, differenEngine, Rogue Production, and Third Mind Productions.

Sarah has also worked in experience creation for clients such as Merlin Entertainment, Hasbro, Disney, Penguin Books, Deloitte, the British Theatre and more; Sarah believes audiences of all ages want to play, engage and experience and has been one of the early pioneers at the forefront of the growth of playable theatre and experiences.


Antigoni Spanou is a London-based, Greek theatre-maker, dramaturg, director & solo artist who has been working professionally and internationally since 2007. Her artistic practice has been greatly influenced by the work of Jerzy Grotowsk and her training at Rose Bruford. She uses the connection between voice/song and the body in order to reveal the actor's true voice and access performative truth & vulnerability in their performance. Antigoni will be using this foundation to create the musicality and sound design with the actors for Blueprints.  As well as being a core member of The Lab Collective, Antigoni has created work for Camden People's Theatre and regularly works with Rose Bruford College as a visiting lecturer.


Emma Lynch as Designer will work with the director to create the aesthetic for the piece. They will also consult with actors to create, mentor and source bespoke costume, prop, puppet and set pieces. 

Emma Lynch is the Associate Designer of Lobster Frock and has worked freelance as a set and costume designer since 2015. Based in Oxted, her credits consist of working with the Zoo Co. and the Second Sons Theatre Company at various locations including the Soho Theatre.



Matthew Kathenborn professional Photographer & Filmmaker who graduated from Rose Bruford and Institut del Teatre with a first class honours degree. His background in multimedia art and interdisciplinary theatre gives a sense of versatility and liveness to his work, he is especially experienced working with Immersive productions.

Matthew has created documentary, promotional film, event photography and marketing content for a diverse client base including Warner Brothers and ITV, his work has also featured in The Guardian, Time Out and on Channel 5.



Lebogang Fisher is a South African film and theatre actress, and director. Lebogang received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes University, South Africa. She graduated as a double major in Drama with focus on Acting, Directing, Voice and Physical Theatre, Early Modern Literature, Magical Realism, and African and African American Literature. Lebogang also studied acting at the New York Film and is one of the top 10 winners of the Warner Bros Actors In Training programme.  She has since participated in The Show Must Go Online's live Zoom reading of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, as Cressida. Other works include SciFi Film Festival's I-RIS, Mas(queer)ade, The State. Lebogang was set to play Ophelia in The Fugard Theatre's 2020 production of  Hamlet, which was postponed due to the pandemic. ​

Michelle Hudson is a multimedia artist and performer with an extensive track record in creating work in the intersection of interactive theatre, technology, game, and performance art. She recently developed and internationally toured Manimals, a critically acclaimed Arts Council of England and Canada Council for the Arts funding digital shouw about online dating and struggling to connect. Other performers credits include Church of the Sturdy Virgin by Dank Parish at Vault Festival, Obsession: Dark Desires by Discovery ID, and The Whisper Network by Blue Lead Theatre at the Old Red Lion, Michelle's creative work often plays lightly with the Darkness of the Human Condition. 

Ruchika Jain is an actor and model in London and she is originally from India.  After 25 years in the corporate world she decided to move into performing musical theatre, she then moved onto screen acting and has since appeared in many feature films, shorts, web series pilots, and commercials.  She enjoyed working most with Catherine Tate in her latest film "Nan: The Movie".  Ruchika is also a finalist in the Classic Miss British Isles modelling competition 2021. She is a mother of two grown up daughters, and enjoys cooking travelling and playing board games with her family, in her spare time Ruchika likes to read, dance, and complete complex puzzles.

Giulia Del Fabbro, originally from Milan, is a theatre maker and international performer who graduated from the Fourth Monkey Rep course in 2018 after a two year foundation diploma with the London School of Dramatic Arts. Since then she has built an extensive experience in devising, ensemble work and physical theatre through projects that involved theatre companies such as Theatre Re, Dank Parish and GymJam.  Her passion lies in movement as a performing tool to tell a story: the freedom of expression and yet the absolute specificity that come from that are a universal theatrical and human language.

Magdalene Mills is an actor and mother who loves to entertain and teach people something positive, she works across a broad medium including theatre, television, music videos, commercials, voice over, and interactive work, she is also a talented musician and was a soloist with the St.Martin-in-the-fields gospel choir for five year she performed in various venues, such as, Royal Albert Hall, Queen Elizabeth. Magdalene also teaches African dance and drama workshops in primary schools across London.

Emily Hindle Since graduating East 15’s acting and contemporary theatre course in 2019 Emily has performed in various professional theatre credits such as HOARDING - A musical at The Lowry and Jeff Wayne’s immersive War Of the World by Dot Dot Dot later this year as part of The Space Theatre’s summer season. In addition to acting, she is also a talented vocalist and dancer, Emily has an incredible passion for devised work and the surreal.




What is it?
It’s an unique online, immersive production with gaming elements.
Designed to be experienced on your own, Blueprints is an intimate, theatrical journey where you will choose what stories are uncovered and how the heroine’s narrative progresses.
You will explore a derelict, surreal house, discover about the heroine’s past and crucially, about their relationship with their mother.

Is this an online game or a piece of digital theatre?
Both! Blueprints uses an online platform and bespoke websites, allowing audiences to click through a digital, dilapidated house. Here, you will discover unheard stories explored through Lobster Frock’s unique blend of puppetry, musicality and design, offered in digital form.

When is this available?
Blueprints is previewing in June and opens officially September 1st 2021. So you can choose whether you want to help us mould the production or wait for the finished show.

How do I access the world of Blueprints?
Other than buying a digital ticket, all you need is an internet connection.
In order to get the most out of Blueprints though, we recommend that you use a laptop or computer with headphones and purchase a digital ticket with the Limited edition immersive engagement sensory box.

What is the best way to enjoy Blueprints?
Alone, it is designed to be a solo experience, the final production will also suggest items around your house you can source as pre-engagement in the piece, you can also purchase our limited edition immersive engagement sensory box instead and this also helps us support the production.

Tell me about your immersive engagement sensory box?
Something that was really important to us when making Blueprints was ensuring that the piece felt as live and as immersive as possible. The easiest and best way for you to experience this is with our limited edition sensory box and digital ticket. You will be sent a box which will include tangible goods, props, and bespoke items, this has been created by our design team to further enhance your experience, truly bringing the world of Blueprints into your home and reality, while also supporting the creation of the show.

What age is the story for?
We recommend that Blueprints is for ages 14+ due to some adult themes.

How many audience members is this for?
Blueprints is best explored solo for the most intimate and impactful experience, designed to be individual and thought provoking, sometimes immersive theatre is best explored alone.

I am blind/ visually impaired/ neurodiverse – will I be able to enjoy it?
Access is really important to us as a company. We hope that Blueprints will offer you a safe, judgement-free environment for you to enjoy a digital, theatrical experience in your home- keep an eye on our website to find out about accessible shows. The use of sense in Blueprints is really important and we hope it allows you to truly immerse yourself in the piece.

raised of £2,000.00 goal
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31 Backers

Pledge without reward:

You can make a pledge to support Blueprints without a reward. The minimum donation is £1.00.
Tier 1 Green Lit Exclusive Tickets

Get in here quick! For only £12, you will be able to purchase a standard digital ticket to the full-experience for our September launch. Usually priced at £15, there is a limited amount of reduced pre-sale tickets for our Green Lit patrons exclusively!

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Bespoke Thank you Video

Without the help of people like you, Blueprints wouldn't exist. For your contribution of £15, we will create you, your own bespoke and personalised thank you video direct from the cast and creative team here at Blueprints. Be prepared for some unique Lobster Frock flair and creativity to really convey how grateful we are!

(20 remaining out of 20)
Original Digital Artwork

For your contribution of £25, you will receive high quality digital copies of our artwork created exclusively by our Associate Designer for the world of Blueprints. This includes our concept art (as well as some pieces that have not been shared with the public), but also, the final artwork used in the Blueprints digital experience overall.

(30 remaining out of 30)
Blueprints - Digital Ticket + Limited edition immersive engagement sensory box delivered to your home (UK ONLY)

For your £35 contribution to the campaign, Lobster Frock will give you 1 ticket to the final digital show + an Immersive Engagement Sensory Box which has been designed for our supporters with tangible goods to support your immersion.

Excitingly, this Greenlit campaign is the only way to get this particular themed box, which has been specially designed for early supporters and patrons of Blueprints. This particular reward will help us to support the development of the production.

(67 remaining out of 80)
Original Digital Print (UK ONLY)

By contributing £35, you will receive a high quality A3 print out of one of our digital artworks or even our official Blueprints poster. We will email you to confirm which piece you would like to be printed so you can enjoy a piece of Blueprints in your home.

(100 remaining out of 100)
Signed Digital Print (UK ONLY)

By contributing £45, you will receive a high quality A3 print out of one of our digital artworks or even our official Blueprints poster signed by our Associate Designer, Emma Lynch. Emma credits consist of working with Zoo Co. and the Second Sons Theatre Company at various locations including the Soho Theatre. Her passionate work is inherent with the evocative vision for Blueprints; breathing the power into the symbolism of memory and personal experience of growing up female. 

We will email you to confirm which piece you would like to be printed so you can enjoy one of these incredible

(30 remaining out of 30)
Original Blueprints Artwork (UK ONLY)

Our incredible Associate Designer, Emma Lynch not only created our amazing props and costume, but also designed our online environments for the characters and stories to be discovered within. 

By contributing £55 to our campaign, you will receive one of these original artworks delivered directly to your home for you to enjoy and cherish. The environments include the main house, the kitchen, the bathroom and the attic. Please specify which artwork you want when booking but, we will also email to confirm. By choosing this reward, you will be getting a one-of-a-kind piece direct from the world

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Executive Producer Credit

As an Executive Producer, your name will be added to show credits, you will be given regular updates on the project with the creative team. Plus, you will receive 10 tickets to the show for your friends and family, an exclusive sensory box designed just for you, a bottle of champagne, a fruit basket, and thank you letter from the director, plus a framed signed exclusive art print from the production.

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