Dear All

Congratulations everyone! We've reached our target amount within two weeks of launch. We can now confidently move ahead with the sound design and finish off Cyberlante in style. 

BUT WE STILL NEED HELP! We now have a new STRETCH GOAL of a minimum of £3,000 and these extra funds will go toward the following:


  • Premiere venue, welcome drinks & canapés
  • P&A (Prints and Advertising)
  • Media Board emblazoned with sponsor logos
  • Film promotion and sales

And if we achieve OVER £3,000 we can organise further screenings at venues across the country and maybe even enter a festival or two.


We’ve had some more press for Cyberlante, this time appearing in PRESS PARTY, a press release hosting service for the global Music & Entertainment Industry, based in London and New York. Do take a look and share across social media if you can. We are a small team without the expansive reach of others in our industry, so every little helps!

Raya Films releases first footage of Smartphone-shot movie via new fundraising platform, Greenlit

Don’t forget, the more funds we raise, the more we can do justice to our fabulous cast and crew who worked so beautifully on this project.

Please continue to support our movie and share this campaign to anyone you think would like to get involved. Cyberlante is capturing people's imagination, so let’s see how far we can take this!


Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms