Dear Backers

Cyberlante is now complete and ready for release! Our experimental smartphone-shot movie will be released on multiple online channels worldwide. DVDs and Blurays will also be available for those who still prefer physical media. We now await quality control approval and notification of channel availability - this may take a month or two, but as soon as the film is available, you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, why not head over to the Official Cyberlante IMDb page to learn some interesting trivia and peruse our cast, crew and esteemed producers… you may even recognise your own name amongst the credits!


Don’t forget, Cyberlante was completed because of YOU! Because of your generosity and support. This is your project as well as ours. 

Thank you for supporting Cyberlante, and thank you for supporting indie film - we’ll be in touch again soon with some exciting news on our online premiere and how you can join us on our virtual red carpet!

Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms