Hi everyone! This is Aimée, Daughter's Campaign Coordinator and Production Assistant whilst shooting, I just wanted to send out an update with some behind the scenes photos and tell you a bit about the weekend of our shoot!

When we all had arrived in sunny Plymouth on Thursday, it was so lovely to be able to physically see everyone rather than a small box on my laptop screen for the past couple of months, it was amazing to be able to chat with no Wifi connection problems! It was also so inspiring to be surrounded by such hard-working and also supportive women, being my first production outside of Uni, I was so so nervous but felt immediately at ease the second we all were together, but enough about me… onto the shoot!

Friday there was a real buzz at breakfast, everyone so excited for our first day of shooting, there was also a real sense of community amongst us, and we knew that this was going to be a pretty good weekend! It was a very successful day filled with lots of incredible work from both the cast and crew, helped with lots of laughter and great coffees, courtesy of our Covid Supervisor, Emma Nelder! Saturday was another amazing day, we were on a roll! Before we knew it, it was Sunday and our final day of shooting, we all couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone but last day of shooting also meant Baby Ruby’s scene. We were all in awe of the cuteness of baby Isla when she arrived to set and she was, as predicted, an absolute dream! The morning flew by and before we knew it we all shouted, ‘THAT’S A WRAP!’ We had finished the shoot for Daughter! A bittersweet moment for all of us, we couldn’t wait to get back with the footage and watch it all come together but also it meant getting back on the road and heading home! We were all pretty sad to leave the set and each other on Sunday but that’s when you know you have worked with some pretty amazing people.

A couple of final thoughts from me, as I just wanted to say I am honestly in awe of these women (and Babi of course) working to create this beautiful film and they have truly set the standards high for me for how a film shoot should be as I start out in this industry.

I also just wanted to quickly say thank you so much for all of the love and support, having overseen all of the social media accounts for Daughter for the past couple of months it has been so lovely to see all of your supportive messages and all of the pledges and based off of how the shoot weekend went, I think we will have done you all proud. I cannot wait for the screening to see everyone again and also to see how all of the hard work and your support has paid off to make a film about an incredible story that deserves to be told in the most beautiful way.