Hi Everyone!
Steph here again! You may have noticed that we updated the scope of The Descent of Sanity today from a short film to a feature!
This is because we have some very exciting developments going on behind the scenes including an expansion of the script along with additional characters to the original short film script!
When AJ and Johnny first started writing the script, it was always set to be a feature further down the line and with the amazing crowdfunding journey we have had and with new cast members it is now possible for us to shoot a feature length story with so much more gripping story to tell!
You may ask how we are able to do this with the budget for a short film- well, we are in a fortunate position in that many of the skills we need are already 'in house' with our amazing crew. The majority of the added expense will be our cast and crews travel and catering which AJ, Johnny and I have agreed that if needed we would self fund the added expense. This may mean pushing the production time line but we think it is worth it to be able to bring an even better film to screens!
Of course, if you have the means, we would be so so grateful to anyone who would be interested in upping their contribution. We would of course, honour the perk of the total amount pledged (pending stock levels for perks with a set number available). For example, if you previously pledged £5 and pledged a further  £10 we would honour the pledge as £15 and you would receive a special thanks credit on IMDb.
We are very excited by this development and we hope you are too!