Right, this is it people, our last dance. Today is our final day of crowdfunding, we are 98% funded with around £200 to go. This is the bare minimum of what we need to complete our film, but we're not greedy and we're in this for one reason alone, to tell an incredible story that raises the awareness of Parkinson's disease through the roof. SO, for every amount that we raise over £10k we will be donating 50% to Parkinson's research, specifically to Dr. Heather Mortiboys at the University of Sheffield, Dr. Heather has researched Parkinson's her entire career and right now she's looking into something pretty incredible and we are honored to be supporting her efforts (A Q & A with Heather will be released later on today).

Every time you tell someone about our project, share, or like our posts you are making a difference. And if every one of you can convince one friend to donate £5 we will smash through our target, but... for £15 they will get a link to the finished movie... just saying. Have a watch of our final day video update.