Hello to all of our wonderful backers! So much has happened in the last few weeks and every bit of it has been incredible BUT we have hit a minor problem and need your help. Take a look at our short video explaining our problem and why we need your full support over the next 3 days.

In short we've had some bad news, in ramping up our filming prep for our 1 day shoot before the car park location gets demolished we've had to re-assess something very critical... toilets. All workplaces need them and ours is no different, we also need to create an extra special hand sanitization station to make sure we adhere to government and BFI guidelines when it comes to filming. Our producer has taken a COVID training course and PPE has been purchased too! 

On our shoot in January our car park location had a community centre right next door that allowed us to use their toilets and electricity for our lights. This was great as we could use the ablutions, set up a makeup area and also we had a much needed warm and dry place so we could have some respite from the previously aforementioned BIBLICAL RAIN 'Sigh' - Anyway using these facilities is now 100% off the table (We just got let down today) and we need to hire in what's called a 'honey wagon' a small caravan type vehicle with a toilet and an area for makeup and they are pricey particularly for night shoots. Maybe in a pre COVID era we could have got a sweet deal and discount, but those days are over because no one has been earning a penny in the film industry for the last 3months. Anyway, we need to reach £10k in the next 3 days (as I type we're at £8210) so we can hire this essential thing that can flush.

Can you please share our campaign with everyone you know and people you don't (in a socially distanced way) If everyone one of  YOU (our backers) can find ONE PERSON to donate £5 (A FIVER) then we would be 98.5% funded! So that's your task, please, find a friend, family member or random to donate five pounds here: https://greenlit.fund/project/ecstasy 

Thaaaaaaaanks! Grant and the Ecstasy team.