Hello Fellow Creatures!

It seems like an age since we finished shooting! We were so pleased with what we ‘got in the can’, what a luxury to have the equipment we wanted, the location we wanted and a fantastic crew who worked their socks off for the three days. Thanks again for helping us fulfil that goal with your amazing support. 

We couldn’t wait to get into post production and continue onwards towards completion with the momentum we had built up. Timing wise though we all needed a break from the lockdown craziness, have a holiday and get the kids back to school! That seemed to take longer than expected. 

But now we’re gearing up again to assemble the best film we can. It’s an exciting time looking back on the footage we shot. Our talented editor Alex is creating a rough cut before we get down to the nitty gritty. A lot can change within a film from this point, choosing the right sequence of shots, getting the overall rhythm right and making sure we tell the story to its fullest with sound design and music. 

A lot still to do but after our break we can approach it again with fresh eyes and bring you something we’ll all be proud of!

More updates to follow but if you have any questions feel free to drop us a message via our Greenlit page. 

Bye for now!