Mercy Kill

When a young couple’s hike is interrupted by the discovery of a body, they are forced to work through their own dysfunction and make an extremely difficult choice.

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    Mercy Kill

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    What would you do if you find a body with no means of calling for help?



    Gripping, dramatic, real.

    A relaxing hiking trip through the picturesque landscape of the Peak District was meant to rekindle the passion and love of a young, rather dysfunctional couple. Things don’t go as planned and took a dark turn when they stumble upon the body of a man. The two now have to face a harsh reality they never thought they would, and are confronted with challenges, questions and decisions that will make or break not just their relationship, but their whole life.





    Becky is smart, logical, and pragmatic. Sometimes, she looks at Tom and sees a pathetic man-child,  incapable of doing anything for himself. She hates the person he’s turned her into, uncaring and judgmental, but she sticks by his side, not out love, but because the only thing worse than being with him is the thought of being alone.


    Tom is a Labrador: stupid, sweet, and anxious. He’s survived life by playing the kind, goofy guy, always upbeat and sentimental. He seems harmless, almost pathetically so, but years of fear and unhappiness have turned him into an expert manipulator, capable of weaponising his own anxiety to ensure Becky never leaves him.


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    Roxanne Rapp - Becky

    Roxanne Rapp is an English-Austrian multi-lingual actress, writer and producer. Based in London, Rapp grew 
    up on set with her father and found her calling in entertainment at a young age. Rapp's work across the 
    industry in theatre, television, film and even dancing has given her a wide range of experience and skill sets 
    that she brings to each project she pursues.



    Cortney Stowers - Director

    Cortney is a Samoan-Italian director from New Zealand. He started his career as an SPFX technician, creating explosives for American TV shows, before transitioning into directing for creative agencies. He is experienced across both large-scale productions and purpose-built smaller sets. His work speaks to varied audiences through collaborations with brands such as Uber, ASB Bank, Durex, The Silver Ferns, and ODEON. Known for his ability to adapt his visual language and particular pacing, Cortney builds connections through his films that resonate with viewers. Recently, he has directed a campaign for Amazon, earning him a nomination at the 2024 New York Festivals Film & TV Awards.

    Felix Fischer - Producer

    Felix is an award-winning, international, London-based musician, tech entrepreneur, and film producer. Originally from Germany, he discovered his passion for music and filmmaking at an early age. 
    After a successful music career with several German folk/rock bands and a golden record, he decided to move off stage to develop new technology with companies like Spotify and bring successful apps into the market before following his passion for film. His recent projects as a producer are "Her Unseen," "Lequando," and most recently, "Vienna Calling."

    Matthew P. Scott - Director of Photography

    Matthew is a self-taught cinematographer who has filmed a wide range of projects, including internationally 
    released feature films, cinema commercials, award winning short films, web-based commercials, and many 
    more. His work has been recognised by a number of noted films festivals including, London Short Film 
    Festival, Frightfest, London Lift-off Film Festival as well as in British Cinematographer Magazine. 

    Aidan Phoenix - Assistant Producer

    Aidan Phoenix is a London-based actor, writer, and photographer. He has worked on several short and feature films, both in front of and behind the camera. Phoenix is dedicated to maximising the potential of a story, telling the untold truth, and creating a memorable journey for the audience through performance, words, and pictures.

    Ned Sanders - Writer

    Ned Sanders is a London-based writer with a background in screenwriting and game design. They are 
    interested in exploring identity and dysfunctional relationships through comedic and tragic stories.







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    raised of £7,500.00 goal
    26 Backers
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