Hello and welcome to the landing page for Moustache Man's fundraising!

Firstly, thank you in advance for stopping by, please take a minute to look at our excellently crafted graphics by Chris Hyde and expertly shot video by Ryan Watson - we have had some very talented people come onboard!

Secondly, please share! This is a project that we want to be seen by many, and the more people who hear about it now, the more likely they will want to see the finished article, so...that's maths!

Finally, we would greatly appreciate your donations of any size (and will reward you in doing so: see page!). This is a passion project, very personal to Sean, but also pertinent to carer's globally, particularly through these difficult times. 

Thanks for getting this far down the page! We hope you have stayed for good reason and are keen to see this project hit your screens soon.

This is only the beginning...

Best wishes, 
Moustache Man team