I tried to send this update out last week but technical gremlins got in the way, so we go again.

It's been a while. Here we find ourselves almost halfway through the year and I can't believe it.

Anyway, we're in touch with some juicy updates... firstly the film is complete! We finished it up last month and after some space and time away from the project, we're ready to start submitting the film to festivals, and hopefully beginning the journey of raising awareness of the issues and conditions many seasonal agricultural workers are facing as I type this.

That's not all, based upon conversations we had with organisations who support seasonal migrant workers and advocate for their rights and through the evolution of the project, we have also decided to change the name to HOMEGROWN.

Above is a still from the finished film and I look forward to sharing more as well as the whole film with you all, our very generous backers in the coming months. (We haven't forgotten about the rewards by the way! These will also be on their way to you in the coming months)

We will be holding our first public screening of the film on Saturday 3rd June at the Watershed, Bristol if you are around and would like to be one of the first to see the film on the big screen.

Your donations have enabled us to get to this stage and hopefully this film will go on to make an impact, changing hearts and minds in the process.

Thank you again!

Corinne (Writer and Director) and Sophie (Producer)
Homegrown (FKA Pick the Right Fruit)