Hello, lovely backers! All 81 of you! Wow!

I am truly humbled that you have supported this project in such tough times and I just want to reach out to thank each and everyone of you. We have now hit 43% of our target and with 9 days left so now begins the last push to reach our target.

As you know, each and everyone of you will be thanked in the credits of the film and we will also be giving you a shout out on our socials @picktherightfruitfilm.

Now  for some reason we can't see your names on your pledges, only your email addresses.
We can work out some of your names but some are more challenging! We'll be in touch with some of you to just confirm what names we should be crediting you with, so keep an eye out for that.

There will be lots more updates in the next days and weeks too.

Thank you so berry much again. Welcome to the Pick the Right Fruit Family.