Hi family,

At the time of this update, we're at a whopping 30% of our goal. I am thrilled, and almost in disbelief at how far we've come. I never envisioned that a day would come when I would be able to confidently say the words "I'm a filmmaker", but here I am.  

From trusting my words, to choosing to bring them to life and actualising the project – I've faced insurmountable odds. I've wrestled self-doubt, lack, systemic barriers, sexism and even invalidation from people I consider my nearest and dearest. 

I think what's kept me going, through it all and even now, as I write this update – is the unshakeable hope and confidence I have in my gift. I have faced so many personal challenges, no different from the protagonist The Regular. I have had to come to terms with how scary the journey of self-actualisation can be. I have had to accept that leaning into self can not only be uncomfortable but also incredibly lonely.

In post-production, I've struggled to find the right bond with an editor and so that has impacted the progress of my work. At times I think the short will never realise completion, because I have spent all that I humanely can on this project – emotionally, mentally and financially. But each time I find myself teetering on the edge of despair I remember why I started this to begin with. 

I needed to affirm myself. I needed to own my gift. I needed to breathe life to my challenges, my personal scars and I needed to be the bridge of healing to my younger self. 

I hope the 15-year-old Tara, who is struggling with her mental health and is facing emotional turbulence, can find a role model in me. 

Thank you for sticking with me. This campaign is proof enough that I am not alone. 

With all my heart, 
Tara Olajidé