The SECRETS OF A WALLABY BOY campaign month has now come to a close. We’re so grateful to everyone who’s supported us in the past month.  While we didn’t hit our target, the money we have raised, combined with our other sources of budget, will allow us to make an awesome film this year.

We’ve had a couple of backers who didn’t provide their name when they made their pledges – if that’s you and you want your credit in the film, get in touch so we know who you are!

The campaign page is still live and functioning, so the rewards are still available to buy. But we’ll be moving our efforts away from promoting it and towards getting the film made.

And, as a thank you for everyone's support, we have released the short film SUCK on Vimeo – watch it below. Suck was made in 2018 as part of the anthology Spectrum. It's a vampire sex comedy that, like Secrets of a Wallaby Boy, was written and directed by Kieron Moore and stars Brandon McCaffrey, so it should give you a taste of what to expect in the feature.

Keep an eye out on the Weird Rainbow Films social pages for updates as we bring our Wallaby Boy to life!