Colin Baker and Bruce the wallaby

Some extremely exciting news… Colin Baker has joined the cast of Secrets of a Wallaby Boy!

Colin is best known for playing the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who from 1984 to 1986. His other roles include starring in BBC serial The Brothers, and guest appearances in a number of TV shows including Blake’s 7, Jonathan Creek and Hustle.

In recent years, Colin has reprised the role of the Doctor on audio for Big Finish Productions. He now lends his voice to Secrets of a Wallaby Boy in the role of Bruce, the marsupial mascot of Wallaby, Inc.

We’re so excited to work with Colin, and we don’t have long to wait – we’re recording with him next week! We hope to share some voice clips with you soon.

The addition of Colin is a major boost to the project. We really can make a great film, and with Colin’s voice, it’ll be even greater. That said, we do still have a long way to go to achieve all the funding we need to make the film the best it can be, and so please help us share this exciting news in order to bring more people on board #TeamWallaby.

We should note that, since this is a voice role recorded remotely and Colin will not be on set, we are unfortunately unable to get posters or scripts signed by Colin. The signed posters and scripts offered as rewards will be signed by as many of the cast and crew on set as we can fit signatures on for!