We've just hit the £2,000 mark!

Thank you to all those who have donated so far, and to those who have been spreading the word about this project. Let's keep this momentum going!

Since our campaign launched, the Silverback Team have been doing as much as we can to keep you informed and entertained during these last few days:

Over on Instagram (@silverback_ws), our producer Adeeb Waren has been hosting a series of Live Chats with our cast. So far we've spoken more about our lead actor Laura Njoku and the man behind the mask, Matthew Moore. We have chats lined up with our remaining cast, as well as the series directors, myself and potentially others, over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our Instagram page to catch us live, or you can jump over to Facebook to watch the recording in the morning.

Once again, we greatly appreciate being able to reach this far in the campaign. Let's keep it going!