Hello Everyone, 

I'm sorry for the long delay since my last message to you all. 

We've been beavering away in post-production and, finally, I am delighted to tell you that as of late last night Squall is now finished! 


Over the last few months Carl Austin (editor), Federico Rea (director of photography) and Rufus Ambler (sound recordist) have been working on the edit, colour grade and sound mix repsectively. We've also had Sam Thompson writing and producing the film's original score. All that hard work has now concluded and I am delighted - and grateful - to say we are now ready to screen the film next week. 

The film will also be having a Basingstoke screening at Vue Festival Place on Thursday 26th March at 8.30pm, which we will be in touch about further next week.

However, we'll be busy with Squall far before then, as now starts the next chapter in the film's journey and that is film festivals. Myself and Dan will start compiliing the list of festivals we'd like to submit to and then it's all about keeping fingers crossed that programmers enjoy the film as much as we do. 

In the meantime, myself and Dan will also be going through the final delivery of any outstanding rewards for all your generous support. 

And finally, I've said it before but I will say it again - THANK YOU.


Finishing the film last night was like revisiting the feeling when we wrapped the shooting of the film back in the summer - which now seems like a lifetime ago. 

Thank you so much to every single one of you for making this film possible. It's been one of the best and most rewarding experiences I've ever had, and I will be forever grateful to everyone who made it happen.

Excited for you to see the finished film soon! 

Mark x