Hello everyone!


I am excited beyond words that Squall has blasted through the funding target and can now go into production this summer - thanks to every single one of you my dream of making this film will come true.


On top of reaching our target yesterday evening, this morning we welcome a brand new Executive Producer to the project, Keith Large! Keith is a big supporter of indie film and has showed that to us by backing Squall so incredibly generously.


We aim to make him, and all of you, very proud! 


There are still a few days left of the campaign, and while we now have what we need to make the film, we'll try to raise as much as we can to make sure Squall is the best it can be. Any additional funding allows us to use better kit and cut far less corners than we might have to otherwise. It will also help with our festival run after the film is complete. 


Once again, thank you for your support and generosity to make all of this possible.


Upon reaching the target yesterday evening I went about celebrating on behalf of all of us, so while I'm feeling somewhat delicate today, I can assure you that I will be getting stuck into Squall pre-production with gusto tomorrow!   




Mark x