Trace is a Sci-Fi Thriller set in a world where memories can be extracted into a tangible drug like product called “Proxy”. Reviewing Proxies enhance your senses and give you a high. The story follows our protagonist Daniel. A retired PI returns to work for the mob to investigate a spree of killings, all targeted at memory dealers. His motivation being the safety of his memory dealer daughter.

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    Seeking funding for
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    We are very excited to be working on our thriller film Trace and we hope you will join us in making it a reality. This campaign aims to raise funds for the film's production as well as to create a one-of-a-kind visceral and breathtaking experience for thriller fans everywhere. We are confident that after working on more than ten student film projects together over the years, we have finally found the best project to take the leap into the big screen with Trace.


    The Story


    A retired investigator for a memory dealing mob is coerced into returning to the punk streets of London in order to solve a string of killings with his estranged daughter’s help.


    The story follows our protagonist Daniel. A retired personal investigator for the mob. A spree of killings occur, all targeting memory dealers. Daniel is drawn back into the mob life to investigate the killings and to try to find the killer. His motivation primarily being the safety of Kyla, his memory dealer daughter. Follow Daniel as he dives into the memories of others, finding clues and his encounters with the odd characters of punk dystopian London.


    Proof of Concept Short Films


    Trace (Proof of Concept) Short Film

    Show Me the End of Time (student film, set within the same world as Trace.)

    The Team

    A lot of Trace will be based independently, and now that we've proven what we can do in short form, we're taking our time to the next level for a thriller film.

    A team of people whose paths have met in London. We are fortunate to be working with an excellent and very accomplished team, who are the reason we can make and create an interesting film.

    Director: Jack Murphy

    Writer: Ben Wolfin

    Producers: Edgar Vazquez, Lachlan Macnab

    DOP: Eli Hughes

    1st AD: Agustina Götz

    Production Designer: Evelina Baumane

    Where Are We At?

    After making Trace (Concept Film) come to life for this fundraiser as an example of how we want to execute the full script, we have officially begun pre-production.

    The production shooting dates have been scheduled for: Mid May through Early June.

    We are currently scouting the filming locations and are very grateful to have many community members who have agreed to contribute to this film and save the date.

    How You Can Help

    As you know, filmmaking is big money. Equipment, Insurance, Cast/Crew salary, Permits, Location rental… the cost list goes on! If you can contribute, my fellow broke film graduates and I would greatly appreciate any gesture - no matter how big or small.” - Jack Murphy

    If you like what you have read so far, to help make this project come to life, you could either:

    • Talk to people about the film and the topic of the film.
      • Please help us spread the word, maybe even share on social media (we have an Instagram account where you can keep up to date with the project:
      • So stay tuned, and please join us on our journey of attempting to make a Cohen brothers-level film.
    • Or Donate
      • It does not have to be a lot. Think of it as purchasing a cinema ticket in advance.
    • Email us at

    Risks and Challenges

    This amount raised will pay for essential things in the film, such as Equipment, Locations, Production Design, Cast/Crew, and Transportation. We face an issue of not being able to afford all the equipment and professionals necessary to make the film the best it can be, which would mean a decrease in the quality. However, we are confident in our resourcefulness and ability to reach our goals. Of course, there are also some risks and challenges we cannot predict.

    If anything unexpected happens, we promise to keep you informed about the problem and the ways we are working to solve it.  In any case, we promise to make the most of what we have. We will not give up and let your kind contributions go to waste. The shoot dates have been fixed, and we are hopeful (if this crowdfund goes well!) that the final output of the film project will be ready by September 2023.

    More Information

    If you are interested in reading more information about Trace, and see  clic the PDF link below.


    Character & Set Design Concept Art

    raised of £32,000.00 goal
    33 Backers
    Shoutout on Social Media

    A big shoutout + have your name recorded on our Instagram page.

    Exclusive Early Screening

    Including the above, get exclusive early screening of the film via a private link sent to your inbox.

    A Great Boost

    These smaller donations do add up so on thank you so much for generously donating towards our film.

    Special Thanks Credit

    Your name in the film! All the above + “Special Thanks” in the end credits.

    Signed Postcard and Digital Film Poster

    All the above + a signed postcard from the Cast + HODs and a digital high resolution poster.

    Associate Producer

    All the above + “Associate Producer” credit.

    Exclusive Artwork

    All the above + digital copies of all our artwork (concept art, storyboards, moodboards).

    Senior Associate Producer

    All the above + “Senior Associate Producer” credit.

    Executive Producer

    All the above + “Executive Producer” credit.

    Day on Set

    All the above + spend a day on set and be part of the wrap photo!

    Co-Production Credit

    You will now have a voice in the creative decisions we make as a film, you can join us on set for the duration of the shoot and are eligible for all the above rewards too.

    As a co-production you can also have your logo advertised at the beginning of the film!