U home?x is a psychological thriller that follows our central character Nancy on her walk home from work one evening. We see the measures Nancy takes to ensure her safety when walking home alone at night. As women, we've all been there; keeping our keys between our fingers, avoiding laneways, staying on main roads, pretending to be on the phone... but for Nancy, will these measures be enough?
We begin on the train home.  It’s night-time. Nancy is tucking into some greasy food after her post-work drinks.  She’s engrossed in an episode of her favourite podcast “I Love Murder Mysteries”. She arrives at her stop, leaves the train and begins her journey home. As the journey unfolds, she begins to doubt her safety more and more and feels that every encounter she has on this journey is a threat to her life.
Inspired by the countless stories of women being victim to sexual assault and violence by men, I've written U home?x in an attempt to do something productive with the anger and outrage I feel each time I hear another story about a woman being assaulted or worse, murdered by a man because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this day and age, just walking home from work at night is enough to be fatal for a woman. An existence, the majority of men will never understand.