Hello everyone,

I tried sending this email out a week ago but not sure it sent!

Just wanted to send out another update on the progress of the Veins of the Earth Teaser so far.

We are in the edit stage now, and it is all going so very well!! 

After a team meeting yesterday, we have decided we need to allow more time for the teaser edit (original plan was to have this finished by March). However, we have decided to add in some extra parts and that this process should not be rushed, it really is all flowing together. We will also be getting an additional editor involved in the team as-well. 

Therefore, time wise, we are thinking the teaser will be edited by April/May time now instead.

After the edit is complete, I will know more on the next steps from there as well, and for those of you who have the print rewards, premier or nature trail, plans for all this will finally be able to begin after the edit as-well!

I will continue to send out updates, I hope you all have a good week, and as per thank you all so much! 

All the best,


Emmeline Hardisty MRes, BSc

Wildlife Biologist and Documentary Producer/Filmmaker