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At Greenlit, we have a simple mission. To connect the community of creative filmmakers with stories to tell with those who support them, share their vision and want to join them on the journey of making a film. We are here to help filmmakers raise their budgets and build their audiences, within an inspiring environment. If you're not fully prepared, crowdfunding can be a hard process, so we will offer support at all stages.

Greenlit was started in 2019, out of frustration with existing ideas of how crowdfunding should work, and how the large sites treat filmmakers. Film is not a commodity, and doesn’t fit into structures designed for smart luggage or pop-up pubs, so we’ve tried to bake in specialised support from the ground up. When done right, a crowdfunding campaign can be a hugely powerful tool for finding your audience, and engaging your most vocal supporters and superfans.

We support films of all kinds and genres. It could be a short, a full-length feature, a series or even an experimental or art video project. We cover all genres from serious-minded social documentary through to comedy, horror and action. Funding could be requested at any stage of a film's lifecycle - development, production, post-production and finishing costs, or even for exhibition and festival entry.

Diversity is essential to who we are. Filmmaking is a collaborative and often-expensive business, but that doesn't mean it should be a closed shop. We aim to help anyone with the hustle and drive to get their story out there, offering training, support and tools to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

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