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How does crowdfunding on Greenlit work?


Creatives use the Greenlit platform to publish details of their upcoming productions, to both raise money and awareness. As a platform, we are very selective of the projects we allow on site, and we are confident that the creatives we work with can deliver what they set out to. Creatives may be seeking funding for a particular phase of their project, such as production/staging, promotion or distribution.


As well as posting details about the production, creative will also offer related "Rewards". Typical rewards might be tickets for its staging, a DVD of a finished film, swag such as T-shirts or posters, or events such as concerts or set visits. Please remember that Greenlit is not an online shop; we work with filmmakers to help them complete their project, but ultimately the delivery of rewards is entirely the responsibility of filmmakers. If you don't wish to purchase a reward, you can also make a donation to the project of any amount, just by entering the total on the project page, and clicking "Make a donation".




How does the pledging and payment process work?


When you choose a reward or make a donation, clicking the button beneath that reward will take you to the pledging page. You will need to log in or enter your email address, and enter credit or debit card details. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Your card will be charged immediately, and we will send you a receipt.


Campaigns on Greenlit are either "Flexible" or  "All or Nothing". With an "All or Nothing" campaign, the creatives need to have their full target pledged by the date the campaign closes or they will not receive any funds. If they are not successful, and the target is not met, then we will refund your pledge to the card you used at the time. We'll send you a receipt once this is done, but we won't be contacting you in advance. The funds are then forwarded to the creative.


If the campaign is "Flexible", the creative will keep all funds raised, regardless of whether the target is met or exceeded. Again, the funds will be forwarded to the creative after the campaign is closed.




Can I make a pledge from outside the UK?


Absolutely! We accept payments internationally. Please be sure to check that if you're buying a physical reward that will require shipping, if there will be any additional shipping costts to your location.




What if I change my mind about a pledge?


If you want to cancel a pledge at any time, up to 24 hours before the campaign close date, then simply visit your pledges page and click the relevant "Cancel pledge" button. We will then process a refund, and the funds should be returned to your card in around 5-7 working days.


After this time, you will need to contact the creative and request a refund. Refunds at this point are at the creative's discretion.




How do I know my money is safe?


All our payments and card transactions are handled by Stripe, one of the largest and most reputable payment processors in the world. They are fully compliant with local regulations and best practices for data security and processing. We never store your payment information or card details on Greenlit.


There have also been some instances on the larger platforms where money has been raised via crowdfunding, but the promised rewards have not materialised. Greenlit can never absolutely guarantee the delivery of a project or its related rewards, and those remain the legal obligation of the creative. However, we do vet our projects carefully, and creatives have to provide us with proof of identity, legal status and industry references. We also work closely with our creatives to assist them wherever possible, and keep an eye on the progress of projects throughout their lifecycle. We're in this for the long haul, and for the community, so we take considerable care in selecting the people we work with.




What do I do if I have questions about a project?


You can contact the creative directly with any questions using the "Contact" link — you'll find this on the top right of the relevant project page.




What happens if a project is overfunded?


All our projects allow overfunding, where funding campaigns will carry on until their close date, even if the target amount has been already pledged. The creative will of course use part of the money for the delivery of the extra rewards, but can also use the surplus to enhance their project. When approaching (and exceeding) the target, the creative will be expected to post regular updates explaining exactly how they can use the extra funding. These are sometimes known as "stretch goals".




How do I change details on my account?


You can change your personal and contact details by clicking your user icon at the top right hand corner and selecting "Account settings". You can also go via the settings link on your profile page. Email preferences can be set on the mail settings page, if you want to change when you receive communications from us.


If you want to change the payment method used for a pledge, you will need to cancel it, and then make the pledge again, this time entering or selecting the correct payment method. You can do this via your pledges page.




I haven't received my reward - what should I do?


Firstly, please check the project page for any updates. Creatives are expected to update supporters regularly, and this is where you'll find out about any delays or issues. Delays can happen for all sorts of legitimate reasons, and as long as creatives keep in communication, there's nothing to worry about. If there are unexpected delays, and the creatives has not offered any explanation, then you can always get in touch using the "Contact" button on the project page. Finally, if there are no updates, and you cannot reach the creatives directly, contact us and we will reach out on your behalf.




I have a question not answered here.


Then please contact us! We'll do our best to help, and if it's something that might be useful to other creatives, we'll see if it can be posted here. Personal details removed of course.



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