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Stage To Screen Panel

From Stage To Screen

Greenlit's Head of Community and Theatre, Grace O'Keefe hosted an expert panel at the Vault Theatre Festival on the process of taking your play or comedy from the stage to TV or film. The recording of this panel is now available on our podcast.
Marcus Markou

Self-distribution - getting your work out, on your own terms

Marcus Markou pioneered self-distribution with his first feature, Papadopoulos and Sons. Now he's back with his latest independent film, The Wife And Her House Husband - and once again, he's taking the adventurous route with his Cinema For A Pound initiative. Find out how and why!
Greenlit at EdFringe

Announcing the Greenlit EdFringe Programme

In honour of the first day of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we have launched a special Greenlit programme featuring all of the EdFringe projects who've partnered with Greenlit.
Edinburgh Fringe

How do you stand out in a crowded festival?

With the summer theatre festival season beginning, we thought it’s a great time to chat with Arts PR extraordinaire Chloé Nelkin on how to make your creative project stand out in any crowded, chaotic festival scene.
Concept art for Betty's Dream

Smashing Greenlit records: Betty's Dream

Over £50,000 raised in 3 weeks. Learn how Betty's Dream filmmaker Liam Engels smashed his crowdfunding campaign.