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Concept art for Betty's Dream

Smashing Greenlit records: Betty's Dream

Over £50,000 raised in 3 weeks. Learn how Betty's Dream filmmaker Liam Engels smashed his crowdfunding campaign.
Greenlit and Ed Fringe

Greenlit is collaborating with Edinburgh Fringe!

On 23 March, Greenlit and Ed Fringe will be hosting a members-only Crowdfunding for Performance workshop.
Greenlit U logo

Introducing Greenlit U!

This year, we’re expanding that vision by launching a new training programme that we’re calling Greenlit U. Greenlit U will bring in professionals from across the industry to speak with creatives and give them the tools and skills they need to succeed as creative entrepreneurs in today’s fast-changing arts landscape.
Father Joe

The GoOdfather screens for charity on Greenlit

Greenlit hosted a successful online screening of Riverman Management's documentary film the GoOdfather, raising money for charity.
Love Without Walls

'Love Without Walls' Filmmakers Talk Crowdfunding at Women's Film Festival

Greenlit celebrates women in film in partnership with Cine Circle UK.
Raindance Film Festival Logo

Greenlit is the Official Crowdfunding Partner of Raindance Film Festival

Independent film is a powerful medium and one which should be accessible to all - learn more about the initiative from Greenlit and Raindance to offer free tickets to people who may not usually have access to independent film in this way.
Misha & The Wolves

How have streamers changed documentary filmmaking?

A discussion with Al and Vesna from MetFilm about the impact of streamers on the documentary scene and their background surrounding the release of their recent film "Misha and the Wolves", which Variety calls “extraordinary”.

How is theatre bouncing back?

An interview with Kimberley Andrews, Head of Writer Development at the London Playwrights' Workshop, about the changes to the theatre world since the re-opening of theatre, advice for creatives and her thoughts on why theatre-makers are increasingly using crowdfunding to get their projects off the ground.