News from Greenlit

  • Theatre has been one of the creative sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, but stages across the world are finally turning their lights on once again. To talk about what theatre looks like today, and what it might look like in the years ahead, we’re… Read more

  • Let’s talk about docs. A lot has changed in the documentary space, especially with the advent of streamers.… Read more

  • Raindance Film Festival is partnering with Greenlit on a new crowdfunding initiative. The aim is simple: to provide FREE TICKETS to festival films from strands including Politico, Queer, and Female Gaze for those new to… Read more

  • On Wednesday, July 14th, Cine Circle UK hosted another successful edition of their Women's Film Festival in partnership with Greenlit.

  • The GoOdfather has raised over £6,500 on Greenlit to support The Mercy Centre. The documentary is now available to watch on demand on its Greenlit page.