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  • Crowdfunding has been around for a while now, in different forms. But do creatives really understand the power and potential of building a supportive and energetic community that will - literally - buy into your what you're doing?

    At Greenlit, we've become aware of the scale of… Read more

  • Join us on the 2nd of May for a Classical Concert with mezzo-soprano Mine Yücel, coloratura soprano Magdalena Herfurtner, and pianist/songwriter Ted Ganger.
    The concert will be streamed at 6 pm (London) / 7 pm (Berlin) / 1 pm (NY).
    You can book your ticket now here: … Read more


    Join Peter J. Storey, Greenlit's Founder and CEO, and Grace O'Keefe, Head of Community and Theatre, for a… Read more

  • At the Global Film Crowdfunding Summit, a panel of experts will discuss the most successful and up-to-date film crowdfunding strategies to raise 10k+ on your campaign.

    Our very own Peter Storey and Magdalena Herfurtner will be part of the panel discussion and answer all your questions on… Read more

  • Love Without Walls is one of our latest projects, and with a crowdfunding goal of £70,000, it’s our biggest yet.