'Chosen' at The Other Palace

Chosen is a pop-rock comedy musical about a woman pretending to be the messiah during a zombie apocalypse. The show explores what it means to be ‘enough’ and understanding that we are the things we do. We are presenting a rehearsed reading of the first 45 minutes of "Chosen" at The Other Palace theatre in London Victoria as part of their "Musical Bites" programme.

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    'Chosen' at The Other Palace

    Seeking funding for
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    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/chosenthemusical

    X (TWITTER): https://www.twitter.com/ChosenMusical


    The SHOW

    Imagine accidentally killing Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, or Jesus and having to take their place. 

    Sue, an IT Support Technician, wakes from a coma to discover a meteor has hit the Earth, turning half the population into zombies. After accidentally killing the zombies’ prophesied 'Chosen One', Sue must save humanity herself. 

    Thrust into the spotlight of being a messiah, Sue is forced to confront her own insecurities around being ‘special’. A pop-rock book musical, Chosen is an absurdist comedy exploring what it means to be ‘enough’ and understanding that we are the things we do.



    What are we raising funds for?

    We are raising funds to be able to put on TWO rehearsed readings of our musical, one this October, and one next year. 

    As we have already hit £2.5k, we have upped our target to £4k. This would give us more options and opportunities to get our show on in 2024 or 2025 in some capacity: a run at a theatre or space, an R&D, a workshop, or even something like the Edinburgh Fringe!


    Why do we need these rehearsed readings?

    These rehearsed readings are essential as they will give us the opportunity to showcase Chosen to producers, agents and industry personnel who are key to helping us evolve the show and eventually stage it.

    Also, the chance to put the show in front of an audience(s) gives us a vital platform to receive feedback on the show in its current stage of development that we can use as we further develop, re-draft and improve the show.


    How will we spend the money?

    The first rehearsed reading is at The Other Palace at the end of October (more below). This will cost us £1000. 

    The second will be a future rehearsed reading sometime in 2024, where we intend to showcase the musical in its entirety. This will cost us in the ballpark of £1500.

    Whatever we have left will be contributed towards a further development of the show; we envision this being a proper run of the show on a stage somewhere!



    We are presenting a rehearsed reading of the first 45 minutes of Chosen at The Other Palace as part of their ‘Musical Bites’ programme, on Thursday 26th October, 1.30pm.

    Tickets are £5. You can find out more information and book tickets here: https://theotherpalace.co.uk/musical-bites/


    The STYLE

    Chosen is absurdist and very silly in its humour. It doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, but still has a message of self-acceptance and belonging at its heart.

    Chosen takes inspiration from contemporary musical style of Pasek & Paul, Jason Robert Brown and Sara Bareilles, and the tone of absurdist humour found in Book of Mormon, The Producers or Operation Mincemeat.




    BEAM 2023

    We recently pitched the show at BEAM2023 this May. You can find a YouTube link to our pitch here: https://youtu.be/BhbGoRAvVjE


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    raised of £4,000.00 goal
    48 Backers
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