Hello to our wonderful Backers!

Apologies for the false starts on this update!

I hope have all enjoyed your Summer (can't believe I'm saying that already!) I apologise for the radio silence, but I promise the wheels have been turning behind the scenes. But it is time for a longer overdue update.

We're still working on getting the remaining funds to make The Colour of the Sky That Day a reality, and we are making progress. We're exploring various funding opportunities and having conversations with some individuals who can potentially help us.

We put a lot of time and effort into one specific application – the BFI short film funding. Unfortunately, we just got the news that it didn't go through. This year, the competition was pretty tough, with the BFI receiving 1,161 eligible applications and only planning to support around 4% of them into production.

Facing rejections isn't the most pleasant part of the creative process, but it's an integral aspect that we accept and learn from. While we may not have secured the BFI grant, we'd still like to share some feedback we received from their readers. It reinforces our belief that this story is truly worth bringing to life:

'This script demonstrates a well-paced and engaging story, very suitable for the short film format with the majority of the drama taking place between two people in a car. The authentic characters and dialogue effectively explore nuanced familial dynamics and the relationship between a father and his adult daughter, which is rarely depicted on screen. The poetic emphasis on the sky adds originality and depth to the narrative.'

We're immensely grateful for your support and belief in us as we navigate these initial stages of the project. Your presence on this journey means a lot and our determination to bring this film to life remains unwavering. If you happen to have any questions about the project's progress or where we currently stand, please feel free to contact us anytime at colouroftheskyfilm@gmail.com

Many thanks

Georgia x