To celebrate our lead actor Nathan Bryon's birthday and hitting 93% in our funding we've got a lovely Q&A with the man, the myth, the legend...

Your credit list over the years has been insane, Some Girls, Benidorm, and rumor has it that you’ve got a tasty sky one show coming out soon, what are the types of stories that you love being a part of?

Oooooooooh I love making people laugh that was the only reason at first I wanted to act! So ideally funny but I also love heartwarming stuff like our ecstasy story which has a bit of it all 

Let’s be honest, how does filming Benidorm in Spain compare to filming in deepest darkest south east London making a short film.

Well…. I can confirm there were no sun loungers on set…. And I was most deffo not in my swimming costume. So let's say very different but both were an amazing time. 

Take yourself back to the shoot. Everything started massively late, Grant had a big vein popping out of his head and then the heavens opened… What are your stand out memories from it? 

I love making films, I am a filmmaker at heart so when things go wrong, I think you all come together and work harder, I mean the crew worked incredibly hard both days so I loved seeing us all coming together as a team. I loved filming the end scene which was super beautiful. I loved weird stuff like eating the amazing dinner with everyone in the middle of the shoot when it was all going wild hahahah 

You were part of this from the get-go, giving notes on the story and every one of the 17 drafts, what’s it like developing a movie, and helping out a friend and collaborator who you’ve co-written with. 

I love it grant as a creator is SO open to notes and ideas and suggestions in fact way more open than I am as a writer, he is brilliant, he knows he wants to tell the best story possible so his passion for the project was leading me, it was awesome seeing this project come alive! It was amazing to see how many people were touched by the crowdfunding campaign so I hope we have done them all justice. 

So you play ‘Kristian’ the wonderful son who has no idea what is about to go down. Give us a sneak peek into Kristian and the joys of playing a character like that.

Kristian is a really sweet guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, in recent months years he has been doing his own thing because his dad’s Parkinson's has got really tough but he has come home and has a bit of guilt for being distance, he is really protective of his dad and wants the best for him, but has no idea where this is going. 

What was it like acting opposite the likes of Brian Bovell, Holli Dempsey, Hilary Tones and Laura June Hudson? (P.S) Don't give away who Laura June is, please.

The most joy! The most talented beautiful bunch! I would love to do it again and again! 

No spoilers yeah, but you’ve seen the temp cut of ecstasy, what do you think audiences should prepare themselves for?

A really flipping heartwarming story with loads of twists and turns you will not see coming! 

Being shamelessly unbiased if ecstasy were to become a feature film what would you like to see?

MORE DRUGS hahahahaha! They go to a festival - the dad gets backstage using his disability pass and gets fucked on drugs Kristian has to go and save him 

How do you think this movie deals with disability and Parkinson’s disease?

What I love about this movie is, that Grant has made this very personal story and has used his experience with his dad who lives with Parkinson's and that comes out in the film. He educated me loads about it during the process of it! Also hanging out with grant’s dad you learn how he lives with it whilst at times may be tough he lives with so much joy and the film is full of joy. 

Could you imagine yourself and your Dad going on a drug deal?

No my dad was cop for like 4 years, that could never work. 


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