Forever 27

Inspired by the life of the 27 club members but also every troubled artist in the history of music, Forever 27 is a psychological feature music film which explores the influence of media, fame and the music business on the tragic end of these famous young artists. A self-destructive British popstar on the verge of joining the 27 club is trying to reconnect with music while battling her addictions.

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    Forever 27

    Seeking funding for
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    Forever 27: A film about the 27 club?

    Not exactly. 

    Forever 27 is exploring the influence of media, fame and the music business on the tragic end of these famous young artists.

    Inspired by the life of the 27 club members but also every troubled artist in the history of music, Our film will follow the life of a fictionalised British-born international music popstar whose life outside her music career has been widely covered in the medias due to an excessive drug and alcohol abuse as well as an intense nightlife.

    The connection? Her age. She is on the verge of joining the 27 club, a list of famous artists who all died at age 27. This is where our story begins.


    The Story

    Our story is Luna's story, a young British talented singer with a strong commercial success who is on the edge of destroying her life.

    Bad company, drugs abuse, drinking problem, her descent into hell is widely documented by medias and she is constantly in tabloids for her nightlife more than her music.

    On a path of self-destruction disconnected from her passion and struggling with her latest album, rumours are she is getting closer to be part of the Forever 27 club which includes the likes of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain who all died by the age of 27.

    After a night out, unaware of partying with her half-sister, she wakes up in the home of the mum who abandoned her. The 27 years old singer might feel lost but accepting help from the mum she never met is a stretch…


    Meet Luna. A musician. A singer. Luna is a true artist with a huge successful career and a sensitive soul fighting her own demons. Music was everything but she lost her way and her entourage and surrounding atmosphere corrupted her or perhaps it started way before she was famous.

    A night out, like any other involving her usual consumption of alcohol, sense of party and of course her favourite little pleasure hidden in a pill bottle.

    And then comes the next day. Alone. Waking up in a home of someone unexpected trying to remember what happened.

    No more pills, locked inside and the apparition of someone long forgotten, this is the beginning of Forever 27.

    Do you want to hear more?


    Help us make this film

    If you like films about music then you will be interested to watch Forever 27.

    If films like "8 Mile", "Yesterday", "Blinded by the Light" or "A Star is Born" still resonates with you then keep reading.

    Our film will talk about music, play some famous songs, follow the life of an artist and explores the music industry and its bad reputation.

    If you liked the 60s and 70s (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and the Doors, Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones), if you were impressed by the new music style Nirvana and Kurt Cobain created or if you were amazed by the talent of Amy Winehouse then we have no doubt you will feel at home with our film.

    But the great thing about Forever 27 is that it is not only about music. Themes like friendship, feeling lost and child abandonnement are at the core of our story.

    Our story is Luna's story and if you like all above, you will love Luna.


    Why this film?

    This a very good question and I guess the answer is partly related to why we want to tell this story.

    Why do we think this story needs to be seen on a big screen (or your tv at home will do!)?

    One of the reasons is because it has been quite a journey already!

    The idea for the film popped up in our producer's head two years ago but this is not your typical producer. He had no experience of the film industry, didn't know anyone and never worked on a film set.

    Convincing people to follow him on this journey hasn't been an easy task but he did meet people, lots of people and all together, cast and crew, they created a proof of concept short.

    What is it?

    There are many ways to raise funds for a feature film. Crowdfunding, private investors, public grants, competition award money but whatever road you choose you will always need to do one thing: Convince people this is a story which needs to be told and that you are the only one who can do so.

    You can of course use your own words, create a pitch deck, explain who could direct (potentially), who could be in your film (hypothetically) or try to describe to the best of your ability what the movie could look like.

    You could do all of this and it could work. It could.

    We wanted to add to our chances and we decided that the best way to show what we could do and what our film could look like was to show a movie.


    So back in December 2020, we shot a short film which would be the first scene of the potential feature film.

    The first 15 minutes in a low budget movie. A teaser of what we could do if we get the chance and money.

    We completely transformed a disused nightclub for more than 8 years into a live one!

    For just a weekend, it felt like a normal Saturday night.

    Forever 27 is a team. A crew and a cast who already worked together in order to create this proof of concept short which we want to use now to raise funds for our feature film.

    First, we need to finish this 15mn film though and we also need to promote the project to our audience, submit this little gem to film festivals and start working on the pre-development phase of the feature film (music rights, budget, script etc).

    This is why we need your help.


    But you have not said why you want to tell this story?

    My bad.

    I got carried away.

    Luna' story has been inspired by seeing Amy Winehouse slow demise. Such a talented artist whose life finished too early. The idea that someone, outside her entourage, could have helped her started to mature.

    A personal loss close to our producer due to overdose linked the whole concept to drug addiction.

    The music industry reputation transformed this into a feature film material.

    A feature film about music, about the pressure of an industry and the need to show this so our audience can understand what it means to be these popstars you see every day on TV.

    We need your support and help so we can start the pre-development phase of the film:

    • Editing the Proof of Concept - We need to finish the film first with sound mix and grading
    • Create a song specifically for the POC - An original song sang by our main actress (more update to come on this)
    • Promoting the film - We need a bigger audience and more followers, we need to create an advertising campaign
    • Film Festivals - Submitting to some prestigious ones so we can attract the right investors
    • Music rights - Securing the music rights for the songs we want is key and we want to work with an experienced music supervisor to do so
    • Line Producer - we want to hire a very experience line producer to work out the smallest budget feasible to make our feature
    • Feature Film Script - We started but we need money to finish the script and improve it (more drafts!)
    • Legal fees - Music rights negotiation, talking with investors, securing funds...all of this will need the help of a film specialist lawyer
    raised of £12,000.00 goal
    44 Backers
    The Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson was the first of the club, the blues singer and guitarist influenced numerous rock and roll pioneers. According to legend, Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his mighty talent.

    As a thank you for supporting us in our journey, you will receive a special mention on our Social media

    The Brian Jones

    Brian Jones was one of the founding member of the Rolling Stones and he was the brain behind some of the unique sounds the Stones produced in the early days. He came up with the idea of using a sitar in "Paint it Black".

    Receive a thank you credits in the film and being the first one to see the proof of concept before it hits film festival circuit

    The Al "Blind Owl" Wilson

    Known as Blind Owl because of his poor vision, Alan Wilson headed up the American blues band Canned Heat, which performed at Woodstock in 1969. A songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player, he famously re-taught the aging blues legend Son House, who had been living in obscurity for decades, how to play his own songs

    Receive a link with the full proof of concept making-of video (only a short version on this page) and the script of the POC as well as a special mention on social media for supporting us!

    The Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin was one of the most successful and widely known rock stars of her era, she was noted for her powerful mezzo-soprano vocals and "electric" stage presence. She was rough around the edges, vulnerable and charismatic, and she paved the way for countless women in rock.

    Receive a link with the full meet the cast video (only a short version on this page) plus a copy of the Feature film script once finished as well as a thank you credits in our film.

    The Jimi Hendrix

    Remembered as one of the greatest electric guitarists in history, Jimi Hendrix revolutionized rock and roll as both an artist and a producer during his brief four-year career.

    An invitation to be on set during the shooting of the film as an extra
    Being the first to see the feature film once completed (before it hits festival circuit)
    Receive a link with the POC script & the final feature film script
    A special thank you on social media for being an important backer
    A thank you credits in the film

    The Jim Morrison

    A poet and avid reader of philosophy, Jim Morrison rose to prominence as the lead singer and lyricist of The Doors, a band he founded with a friend in 1965.

    Get the chance to spend a day on set shadowing one of the head of departments (limited to the number of heads in the final film and only one per head)
    Being the first to see the film before it hits festival circuit
    Receive a link with final feature film script
    A thank you mention on social media as an important backer
    A thank you credit in the film

    (7 remaining out of 10)
    The Ron “Pigpen” McKernan

    A founding member of the Grateful Dead, Ron McKernan, who went by the nickname Pigpen was a sensitive, somewhat unsightly character with a drinking problem.

    Attend a 1-2-1 video call with producer to learn how to do a film project from scratch
    Get an opportunity to pitch your film idea to our producer
    Receive a special thank you credit in the finished film and be the first to see the film
    Receive a link with the final feature film script
    A special thank you on social media for being an important backer

    (7 remaining out of 10)
    The Kurt Cobain


    As Associate producer, you will receive a credit in the film and on IMDB
    Be the first to see the film before its festival journey
    Receive a physical copy of the final feature film script dedicated to your name and signed
    A day on set with VIP access
    The opportunity to spend a weekend away in a flat 5 minutes walk from the beach in Dinard, France (Direct flight from London Stansted with Ryanair) including 2 nights in this 2 bedroom flat with maximum 6 sleeping arrangements.

    (4 remaining out of 5)
    The Amy Winehouse

    An English singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse will always be remembered thanks to her powerful voice and unique style.


    As Executive producer, you will receive all perks from Associate producer plus a special video thank you from the team and the opportunity to spend a week away (5 nights) in the same flat mentioned above.

    (3 remaining out of 5)