The Holocaust will very soon pass from living memory to history and I needed to record some of those people who witnessed it.

One of the people I was going to film in the USA was Eva Mozes Kor who along with her twin sister was experimented on by Josef Mengele and rescued from Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Russians.

She was unusual among the survivors in that she forgave the Nazis, something I found baffling. Hence the reason I wanted to film her.

Sadly, she is now part of history.

From The Guardian.

Eva Mozes Kor, a survivor of Auschwitz and the death camp’s infamous doctor Josef Mengele, has passed away in Poland during a trip to the Holocaust site, sources said.

The Romanian-born Kor, who founded the Candles Museum in Indiana and devoted her life to Holocaust awareness, was 85.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor, forgiveness advocate, and founder of CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center,” the museum said on its Twitter account.

It added that Kor passed away Thursday in Krakow, southern Poland, during an annual trip organised by the museum that included a visit to Auschwitz, a former Nazi camp in the nearby town of Oswiecim.