We're very excited to share what we've been up to with you!

In July we created a photoshoot with Kill Your Lover's fictional band: Black Glove Killer
An important element of the film, as it gives Axel important insights into Dakota's past life.

See the official BTS video here first:


Introducing: Paige Gilmour as Dakota

We were extremely fortunate to meet Paige not all that long ago on a photoshoot and she mentioned she was primarily an Actress.

One thing led to another and we got her to submit a self taped audition for Kill Your Lover - and were blown away. Not just by her tape, but how she held herself in the room, when we did the recall over Zoom.

We hadn't expected it, but it became evident very quickly that she was our Dakota.

Paige has gone from strength to strength and we know that audiences will gravitate towards her, as Axel does, like a moth to a flame..!


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More news later this week, but for now, here's a cool picture of Paige as Dakota with band member Krissy (played by Lauren McConville).

Fun fact: You wouldn't know it, but for some fun BTS insight: this was actually taken in a bathroom with dark walls, to stand in for stage lighting!