Howdy! We're poking our head out of our home studio and in to say hi for an overdue Update!

We're happy to report that things are trucking along nicely now! Admittedly the beginning of the year was a bit more hectic than we expected, as one moment we had Post Production all lined up - and the next we didn't.

But thankfully that is now a thing of the past! We're very excited to have had the magnificent Andrew Smetek ( joining us for Post Production Sound!

Our EXTRA special announcement is the addition of Douglas Cox - the Producer of everyone's favourite Zoom Horror movie "HOST".

We're lucky to have him joining us as an Executive Producer on KILL YOUR LOVER and help guide the film through its last bits of Post and out into the big bad world - we definitely share a love of the punk mentality that has been a constant throughout this production!

An exciting summer ahead! Stay tuned!
Catch you on the flipside! 
The KYL Team x