The Greenlit U Sessions

This is the home of content from Greenlit U - the educational and training service from Greenlit, the premier crowdfunding site and marketplace for creative projects.


Greenlit U is a premium service - but we're initially making some of our content free, which you can see below. We hope you find it useful - and if there's anything you'd like us to cover, then let us know!




Building A Social Media Presence & How To Hustle with Sierra Callaghan

In our third session of Greenlit U, we're talking about how to make your mark in the world of social media, and how to harness it for your creative work.

Join actor, filmmaker, and TikTok educator Sierra Callaghan as she talks you through how to build and maintain a social presence.She'll cover the different platforms and their quirks, the importance of authenticity, algorithms and analysis, and how to hustle in this dynamic world.



Branding for Creatives, with Greenlit's Head of Communications, Phil Melanson

What makes good branding? What IS a brand? And how does that relate to you and your work as a creative? Join Greenlit's Head of Communications to look at how identity can turbocharge your creative reach.




Introduction to Marketing with Greenlit CEO, Peter J. Storey

Ever wondered what marketing IS? Find out why this is an essential skill for creatives in 2022, and why YOU need to know about it. And why most of what you think you know about marketing is probably wrong.



What is Greenlit U?

Greenlit Founder Peter J. Storey explains why business training for artists is extremely valuable - and what we're doing about it.