News from Greenlit

  • On Wednesday, July 14th, Cine Circle UK hosted another successful edition of their Women's Film Festival in partnership with Greenlit.

  • The GoOdfather has raised over £6,500 on Greenlit to support The Mercy Centre. The documentary is now available to watch on demand on its Greenlit page.


    After five incredibly successful performances of New Moon Monologues, the Queens of Cups are bringing their lunar… Read more

  • Buy a ticket to watch the short film Ecstasy  - On World Parkinson's Day. Join us on Sunday, April 11th - 7:30 pm BST for a private screening plus a Q and A with the creators. Ecstasy is a comedy-drama short film about a disabled and father's crazy attempt to buy drugs so the Dad can dance… Read more

  • Crowdfunding has been around for a while now, in different forms. But do creatives really understand the power and potential of building a supportive and energetic community that will - literally - buy into your what you're doing?

    At Greenlit, we've become aware of the scale of… Read more